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I was awaken by somebody flicking my forehead. What did America want now? Wait, it could be (Y/N)! What if she needs something or got hurt somehow?! I sat up worried and looked at the person who was flicking my forehead only to see a light reddish-blonde, messy haired male with the same color eyes as my own smiling like that bloody american. "Dylan?! What in the queen's name are you doing here? How did you get in my home?" He chuckled and sat on my bed.
"Alfred let me in, how else would ye expect me tae get in?" he replied with his Welsh accent thick. I sighed throwing the covers off of me rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "Scottie is downstairs with Cailean."

"Allistor and Cailean are here as well?" I proceeded to get up and get dressed since I had unwelcomed company downstairs not to mention one unwelcomed guest in my bed room that had woken me up.  He nodded at me. "Wales, why are you, Scotland, and Ireland here anyways?" I asked as I buttoned my shirt.
"There's a new island in the UK an' we figured you knew why there is an island that suddenly appeared out of nowhere since it is closest to you."
"New Island?"
"Yeah. It's in the middle of us all but closer to yer land lad. It's located yer way from Highland, Scotland's Loch Ness Lake."
"You are telling me that there is a new island forming in my direction from Scotland's country?  Hmm. Well, I don't know anything about it." I told him walking out of my room and down the stairs in which Dylan followed.

I reached the bottom of the stairs to see (Y/N) on a very puzzled looking messy- auburn haired man with green eyes with a cigarette in his mouth and an iron earring in his left earlobe .  I looked around for America but since I didn't see him anywhere, I figured he went to his actual home witht hat horrid alien friend of his or just still sleeping. Lazy git. Ireland looked at me and glared while Wales jumped into the orangeis-red haired male's lap snuggling him. "Got wee lil' eyebrows down~!"
"There is nothing wee about 'hem 'brows." Ireland replied. I gritted my teeth. They  come into my home and insult my eyebrows? They have no manners whatsoever! (Y/N) glared at Ireland.
"Be nice! He saved me and you're in his house so have some re-respect!" she stuttered. Oh no. Scotland smirked at her. Wales giggled. Ireland glared and blushed.
"Watch yer tongue before an elder lassie. He's me baby brother, I can say what I want tae!"
"Nu-huh!" she argued, sticking out her tongue. Ireland stood up and grabbed her badly bruised arm a bit harder than I think he tended to making her cry. "A-artie! H-h-he's hurting me!" she cried in pain. I glared at Ireland who let go imeditaly regretting what he had done. She held onto Scotland as if he were her saviour. I walked over and knelt down taking her arm gently into my hands and kissing the brusie. I wiped her tears away and smiled.

"It's alright (Y/N). Apologise for raising your voice and sticking your tongue out at the bloody git. You know it wasn't right even though you were just trying to help." Why was I acting like this? I guess I really seen her as my own daughter even only after about one night. I want to protect her from harm and that is including my older brothers. I felt all three of my brothers' eyes on me and the small seven year old child.
"B-but he was i-insulting you." (Y/N) said. I smiled and continued wipping her tears away.
"I know. But that's how we talk to each other. Apologise to Cailean, poppet?" I asked her. She nodded and got off of Scotland's lap. (Y/N) walked over to Ireland and looked up at him.
"I-I'm sorry for s-sticking my tongue out a-a-at you and...and raising my v-voice at you Mister C-cailean." she said. "P-please forgive me." Ireland looked down at her and sighed. He bent down and picked her up craddling her in his arms while rubbing her back to try to get her to calm down.
~Ireland's P.O.V.~
I rubbed her back tae try tae get her tae calm down. I honestly didn't mean to make the lassie cry. I felt sort of horrible and do I say this?...I felt almost bonded with her somehow and I just me the girl not even fourty minutes ago. "It's alright lassie. I guess I'm sorry too. For making ye cry I mean." I sat down on the couch and ajusted her in me lap making her look at me. I smiled for her. "Where did I grab ye?" She hesitated bu held out her arm to reveal a large brusie with cuts and scars on it. Wales was beside me and gasped.
"Arthur! What did ye do tae this child?! She is covered in brusies and cuts and everythin'!" I glared at the annoying Brit thinking the same as Wales.
"W-what?! I didn't do anything!  I went on a walk last night following the path through the woods and heard a man yelling and a little girl, (Y/N) crying. I followed the sounds and saw a man wearing only boxers ontop of the child so I seen a gun on the ground, picked it up and shot him. When I went over to her, she  was already passed out not wearing any clothing, I seen blood, scars, cuts, and bruises all over her body so I picked her up putting my jacket on her and ran all the way here and had Alfred help me patch her up. They were there before so don't go assuming that it was I who had harmed the little one. I would never do that to a child and certainly not (Y/N)!" No way he could be making that up. I looked down at the lass in my lap holding on me still.

She frowned but forced a smile that you could clearly see was taking all of her strength to do. "Before you ask, my mum is already dead...I ran away when they k-killed....when they killed daddy. They wanted me before I did anything to them but I only made it worse." Made it worse? Why would anybody be after a defenseless child? England stared at her.
"What do you mean made it worse, love?" he asked. Guessing by the tone of his voice, she hadn't told even him yet.
"I didn't mean to! There were five men were coming at me all at once and beat me with a crowbar, knife, and bats. So I grabbed a gun before daddy died. They were scary and I could barely walk so I shot one of them. I didn't mean to though!" We all stared at the girl. Wales took her from me and comforted her by bouncing the young lass on his knee. England was at a loss for words as was I.
"Ye did good lassie." She turned her head a bit to look at the one who had spoken; Scotland.
"B-but I hurt him." she said.
"Aye. So what? The bloody wanker deserved it. He ruined yer life lass. Took yer family. Tried tae hurt an innocent wee girl." Scottie placed his cigarette in the ash tray. He smirked and stood up walking over and knelt down to her eye level. He ruffled her hair. "Took a lot of guts tae do what ye did. The lad should've never done something like that to ye. Any of it. Ye did the right thing. Ye stood up fur yerself. Don't think ye did the wrong thing when ye did the right thing." She looked at him and nodded and forced the smile back on her face. I've never seen Scotland act like this...wonder if he feels the connection with the wee lass too?

~Scotland's P.O.V.~
Why do I care so much for some wee lass? I barely know her...could she be the island in Loch Ness. Oi, that was the whole point of coming over tae this wanke's place.

~England's P.O.V.~
So that's the whole story? I have to try to make her happy again. You can tell her smile is fake. I sat on the other side of Ireland who still had (Y/N) on his knee bouncing her to keep her calm...or just wanting to stay with him. Whatever the reason. Why were they here again? Oh right!  "Is America still here?" when I asked that the next thing I knew is the sleepy American coming down the stairs for what I guessed food or to see who I was speaking to. "There you are. America? Take (Y/N) upstairs for a few moments please?" He scratched his head seeing my brothers and woke up afraid of what they would do to him beings every time my brothers and him crossed paths, America ended up hurt.
"Sure man. (Y/N) lets play some video games!" (Y/N) jumped off of Wales' knees and ran up to hug America.
"Alfie! B-but... "She turned back around. "Will you three stay later to play, please?" she asked Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Wales smiled.
"Of course lassie! Anythin' for ye!"
"Whatever kid." was Ireland's reply.
"Sure. Don't see why not lass." Scotland told her. She smiled and hugged all three of them then me and headed back to America.
"I'm gonna beat your bum Alfie!" America laughed.
"Sure you will (Y/N)! If I win then you have to be my little servant for a day though."
"And if I win're not allowed to have any hamburgers for the rest of the day!" America looked like he was about to cry.
"No!" They both ran upstairs to play.

"Sweet and polite girl~! I love her~" Wales said. I nodded.
"So, about this Island coming my direction from Highland,Scotland?" I asked. Wales go serious then.
"Like I told you, it's in Loch Ness. I don't see why an island is forming in a lake though much less Loch Ness." Wales told me.
"Could it be a new country?" I asked?
"It could but if it is then we need to find the personification of this island. So far this island is approximately thirdy-seven miles southwest of Iverness. What I really don't get the most is that Loch Ness is me lake so why is this island possibly country trying to move over to ye." Scotland told me. It was true. Loch Ness is a fresh body of water that connects us all one way or another but it belongs to Scotland so why is this island trying to get over to my land?
"Did anybody else feel a bond with (Y/N)?" Ireland asked out of the blue. I looked at him strangely and nodded.
"Why bring her up?" I questioned him. Scotland nodded.
"She doesn't know me really at all yet and you can tell she isn'y one tae trust another easily but when I walked through the door, she tackled me in a hug and I felt a spark." I looked at Scotland. Wales simply nodded and said 'yes'.
"Is it possible that she is the personification of this island in Loch Ness? She said that these guys wanted her tae start with. Why would they really want a little girl?" Ireland was right. If (Y/N) did represent that island in Loch Ness though, why would she say she loves me? She should love Scotland. I have to protect her no matter what the cost.

*Later that evening*
(Y/N) ended up getting everybody, including myself and Ireland, to play Lava in the living room. If you stepped on the floor then you get burned. Such a childish game but she is after all a child. After a while we decided to eat. America ordered pizza. I swear that bloody idiot is trying to kill us. Ireland was almost drunk and Scotland kept trying to pick fights with me. (Y/N) was talking non-stop with Wales and America about some anime called Clanned.
"One question..." Everybody looked at her. "What is a wanker?" I glared at Scotland who begin to laugh beings she finally asked what a wanker was thanks to his language earlier.
"(Y/N)! Don't say such a filthy word!"
"Sorry papa." Ireland smirked at my blushing as did America, Scotland, and Wales.
"Awwwh~! She called ye papa Eyebrow!" I glared at Wales.
"To answer ye question me wee lil' niece, a wanker i-" I slapped my hand on my idiot of a brother.
"Ireland, don't you dare finish that-" before I could finish I heard America tell her.
"A guy who jacks off."
"A-alfred!" I Pounced on him and choked him and all he did was laugh.
"What does jack off mean?" she asked. Oh gosh, my daughter's innocence! T^T Wales picked her up and cuddled her.
"Nothing you need to know right now me lil' sheep~"
None of these characters belong to me. I changed the name to this because obviously England is you papa making America your uncle along with Scotland Wales and Ireland who won't come in untill maybe the next chapter.

Okay so I've been inspiried by alot of people who wrote HetaliaxReader storied so I decided to do my own. Oh and by the way, you're like seven in this.

England- Your 'Father'
America- Uncle
Scotland- Uncle
Wales- Uncle
Ireland- Uncle

England and other characters- Belong to an anime named Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to well yourself

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Next----> [link]
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